Thoughts on Writing… and Life…


(came across this, which I had written a couple of years ago, but it’s pertinent still today…especially the last part)

I started writing a long time ago. Back then, I had to write out everything in longhand. I was a great typist, but preferred the pen and paper method. Even if it would be typed, I had to do it in longhand first.

Evolving along the path, I got to the point where I could use my electric typewriter to compose my thoughts, shortcutting the pen and paper. Liquid Paper was a great invention, only improved by the thin little white tabs you could place over the letters, strike a key, and viola! The error was gone – no globs!

With the advancement of creative technology, we now have computers that allow the machine to keep up with my thoughts almost as fast as I can think them. The “Delete” key is a lifesaver! Copy and Paste are the best! Page Preview makes layouts almost effortless!

I dug out an old fiction manuscript, 72,000+ words, typed umpteen years ago, probably from a combination of longhand and typewriter-inspired creativity. The problem is – it’s all on paper, before I had a word processor or electronic media device. This means, if I resurrect this story – which I want to do – I have to re-type all 72,000+ words. But, I am doing it in Word, so it’s saved electronically, which will make editing a lot easier.

Interestingly, I remember the beginning of the story, vaguely remember the ending, and almost nothing of the middle! So it’s quite a treat to re-experience this story that’s very different from everything else I’ve written in the past 15+ years. I am excited to become reacquainted with these characters, even though some of them might be deranged, deluded, and dangerous.

Going over these pages and retyping all this is tedious, time-consuming, and unpaid work, but it makes me in awe of the creative process, because while I’ve consciously forgotten the details of the story, I am anxious to discover what’s going to happen next! I know that characters, while initially created by the author, soon take over their own story and you don’t always know what they’re going to do – and might not even agree with their decisions! (fiction writers will understand this)

So, I guess writers give their characters a certain degree of Free Will – sort of like the Creator gives us in “real life.” We start out with certain capabilities and a generalized direction in life, but at some point we take over and make our own choices, sometimes making the right decisions, sometimes taking a direction that seems off the beaten path of our origination.

Does the Creator get Creator’s Block (like writer’s block)? Maybe it’s not the Creator who gets stumped, but us, when we forget that there is a Higher Power we can rely on to help us make better choices and not get caught up in the “drama” of life. We are co-creators and we can help write the script, revise the non-fiction, and colorize the fiction of our lives.

I am thankful for the Creative Process, even though I still have a lot to learn and a long, long way to go before I reach “The End” of my story.

And I will take the story one page at a time, sort of like taking Life – One Day at a Time…

What about you?Ā 

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Writing… and Life…

  1. I finished the Manuscript – 74,000+ words – it’s in the process of being published at this time! “Shadows of Remembrance” – fiction, very different from anything you will see here! šŸ™‚
    (psychological fiction)

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