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Let my eyes be deaf to the dark bruises of loss, perceiving instead

the Light of Healing beyond appearing conditions…

Let my ears be mute to the blurred lines of distinction separating

multi-toned skins carrying the same color of blood…

Let my mouth be blind to words of criticism so I can see the tears of

your silent cries for acceptance just as you are…

Let my heart shudder at the thought of leaving anyone out because

they have the inalienable right to Belong….

Let my mind melt with compassionate and tender comprehension

as the Realization of True Love pierces the Center of my Being…

Let my brokenness form an unyielding seal of Unconditional Love,

strong enough to knit together the weak holes of fear into a Whole Heart…

Let my own consciousness collapse into the Ocean of Spirit’s Essence

so that the complete emptiness of Existence becomes a

Tidal Wave of Divine Awareness enveloping my Soul…

©2015 Barbara Quin

Unconditional Love Monday – Your Neighbor’s Moccasins

“Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins.” – Cheyenne

Perhaps you have heard this wisdom from the Native Americans or a modernized version such as “Don’t judge another until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes,” or “Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.”

What this means is that, no matter how well read we are, how up-to-speed with the news and current events we may be, no matter how intuitive we think we are, or what a good “people reader” we are, we never truly know what someone is going through unless we have gone through it ourselves (and then, we have only our version to refer to).

Everyone deals with the challenges and blessings of life n different ways – for every challenge or blessing, there are billions of responses to them, depending on who is experiencing it. Every person has their own story, their own history, their own hopes and dreams. Far be it from me to judge what their motivation may be, for they are driven by a vision in their own hearts. Perhaps I may be blessed enough to share it with them.

How do you apply this to Unconditional Love?

Try this:  instead of judging someone and predicting or dictating how they should respond in a situation, stop for a moment and think about what they may be going through. Just because someone says, “Fine!” or “Great!” or “Okay!” when you ask how they are doing doesn’t necessarily mean that they are Fine, Great, or anywhere close to okay. Have you ever said, “Fine!” when someone asked, even though you really didn’t feel fine at all?

To apply Unconditional Love, simply Love the other people around you, without judging them and developing preconceived notions about their motivations or purposes for doing what they do. Half the time, you may not be able to credibly explain why you’re doing what you do, so give the other guy the benefit of the doubt.

What you may find is that your Unconditional Love in the form of acceptance and non-judgment may mean the world to them. When you ask, “How are you?” really listen to their response. Be sincere and let them know they matter. You may not be able to do anything about their situation (or you might!), but at least you an give them Love without condition. And think about how great it is to be the recipient!! Imagine your Path traveled without judgment or criticism for the choices you make or how you respond to your challenges… amazing, isn’t it?

Everyone can use more Unconditional Love.

Everyone can give Unconditional Love.

It’s easy.

Just open your Heart…and let it Flow…

Namaste’ULM heart