Gratitude with no apology



In Gratitude, there is no need for apology.
I often see posts in gratitude groups from people who are apologizing for not posting or not appearing to be present in the group, but they are reading the posts throughout the day or week.
Please understand – no apology is necessary! You do not need to explain your absence for everyone is present in Spirit. You do not need to explain why you’re not posting every hour or every day or every week or whenever. You do not need to feel guilty about how much or how little you participate in ANY event.
Everyone is busy with life. Groups like 30 Days of Thanksgiving/Gratitude and others offer a place where, for however long you want to participate in whatever way that feels good to you, you are given a moment of reflection, a moment of grace, a moment of peace to just Exist.
Just because a group suggests you journal or share your heart every day doesn’t mean you have to do it every day. The bigger idea is that you carry the CONSCIOUSNESS of THANKSGIVING/GRATITUDE in your Heart, that it comes through your words spoken softer that day, through your touch given more gently that day.
Gratitude is a consciousness that you develop more and more of by being Awake and Aware of all the Blessings in your life every day. It’s not just for 30 days, or 7 days, or 365 days. it’s for every day for the rest of your life, and you will find as you go along that your sense of well-being, peace, purpose, and passion are increasing. It’s the nature of Gratitude to expand within you and when you are full-up, it’s the nature of Gratitude to spill out into Life around you. You are a carrier, a transporter, a catalyst for the Change you want to experience in the world.
What better way to experience it than wrapped in the Loving Arms of Gratitude and Thanksgiving?
Blessings, and Namaste’
~ b

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