Gratitude with no apology



In Gratitude, there is no need for apology.
I often see posts in gratitude groups from people who are apologizing for not posting or not appearing to be present in the group, but they are reading the posts throughout the day or week.
Please understand – no apology is necessary! You do not need to explain your absence for everyone is present in Spirit. You do not need to explain why you’re not posting every hour or every day or every week or whenever. You do not need to feel guilty about how much or how little you participate in ANY event.
Everyone is busy with life. Groups like 30 Days of Thanksgiving/Gratitude and others offer a place where, for however long you want to participate in whatever way that feels good to you, you are given a moment of reflection, a moment of grace, a moment of peace to just Exist.
Just because a group suggests you journal or share your heart every day doesn’t mean you have to do it every day. The bigger idea is that you carry the CONSCIOUSNESS of THANKSGIVING/GRATITUDE in your Heart, that it comes through your words spoken softer that day, through your touch given more gently that day.
Gratitude is a consciousness that you develop more and more of by being Awake and Aware of all the Blessings in your life every day. It’s not just for 30 days, or 7 days, or 365 days. it’s for every day for the rest of your life, and you will find as you go along that your sense of well-being, peace, purpose, and passion are increasing. It’s the nature of Gratitude to expand within you and when you are full-up, it’s the nature of Gratitude to spill out into Life around you. You are a carrier, a transporter, a catalyst for the Change you want to experience in the world.
What better way to experience it than wrapped in the Loving Arms of Gratitude and Thanksgiving?
Blessings, and Namaste’
~ b

at the end of the day

Consult the angels.
Consult the seers.
Consult the sages.

Read the Book.
Read the cards.
Read the stars.

Listen to your friends.
Listen to your church..
Listen to the Voice.

Feel the earth.
Feel the wind.
Feel the fire.

At the end of the day,
Before you close your eyes to sleep,
You will have only You to account to,
to stand up to,
to answer to.

At the end of the day,
cry, laugh, sing, dance,
love, joy, hope, faith.

At the end of the day,
rest, believe, feel, Know,
Know that you are not alone.
Know that You are supported.
Know that YOU are Loved.

At the end of the day…

…and Begin again…

You Deserve It!


Do you ever get frustrated when you hear ministers or teachers talking about how we can receive God’s Grace and Favor and Mercy because we don’t deserve it (it is unmerited)? It’s likely I may even be guilty of professing this blasphemous statement in an attempt to describe how a person may receive Blessings in their lives. I cringe to think about it!

I am now emphatically of the opinion, belief, and conviction (after finally figuring out why that statement always bothered me) that people – all people – DO DESERVE God’s Grace, Favor, and Mercy, in addition to the Creator’s Unconditional Love and Compassion!

What a concept!

The reason I believe this is because of God’s love for Its Creation! (You can substitute whatever Higher Power you want in place of “God,” but that’s the Comprehensive Term I will use here.) It’s either all or nothing. If we believe in One God/Creator, then there is no other creative power or force in existence. If we believe God is a Good God, then there is no vengeful or angry God. If we believe God created the heavens and the earth (and everything in-between) and decreed them Good, then there is nothing in existence that was not created by God and therefor nothing in existence that cannot be / is not / was not decreed Good by God!

This is where walking our talk comes into play. We can’t be victims and victorious at the same time. Drop the victim mentality and you will become victorious over the conditions and challenges in your life. Will all challenge cease? Not likely (because that’s how we learn and grow), but you won’t be so easily overwhelmed by those same challenges that used to bring you to your knees.

If anyone is worthy of God’s Grace, Favor, Mercy, and Unconditional Love, then we all are worthy of it. I think one of the keys to receiving these Blessings is being receptive and allowing them to unfold into your life. You don’t even have to believe in God or any formal type of religion to be the beneficiary of these Blessings. They can happen anywhere, at any time, to any person, without reason or justification.

Grace, Favor, Mercy, Unconditional Love are just words that attempt to describe the natural Flow of Life that exists in this level of Awareness. When we allow ourselves to be in alignment with this Flow, life is easier, “Miracles” happen more readily, and Blessings are a regular part of our experience. They stop being miracles and blessings when we start taking them for granted and stop being Grateful. Gratitude is a type of fuel that keeps the Blessings flowing in life.

When you release judgment, criticism, blame, unforgiveness, anger, resentment, and so forth, you will find more Grace, Favor, Mercy, Unconditional Love, and Compassion flowing freely in your direction.

And another key to ensure the continuous free-flow of these Blessings?

Be graceful, merciful, compassionate, and unconditionally loving in your relationships and experiences and you will never be without them for yourself.

Pass it on.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE MONDAY: Love in the Face of fear

Fear is a paralyzing, energy stealing, mind-numbing coward. You might think coward is a weak word for something that can be so powerful. The reason I say “coward” is because, once you look fear in the face, once you confront it, it runs away, vanishes before your eyes.

What causes fear? An acronym that’s been around for a long time is that fear is “false evidence appearing real.” So, if it’s false evidence (as in not true), there’s no need to buy into its appearance, which is an illusion of the truth. Being afraid of an illusion is a waste of your energy. Being afraid of anything is a waste of your energy, so instead of investing in fear, invest your time and energy into something that dispels the power of the illusion. Face the fear and it will disappear.

What’s Love got to do with it?

Love has everything to do with it. Real love – Unconditional Love – is the strongest power in the world. It is the Great Liberator, Illuminator, Regenerator that will propel you out of fear and into Fearless Living. Not to mention the added benefits of freedom from worry, anger, angst, fear itself, depression, resentment, unforgiveness, and any host of other troublesome emotions. Unconditional Love frees you from conditions, which are the strings we attach to people, places, and things, upon which we condition: I will love you if, or I will love you as long as you give, do, be what I want of you.

Once you give yourself permission to Love Unconditionally, you will experience a tremendous weight lifted from your shoulders. No longer will you carry the responsibility of making sure everyone lines up according to the conditions you have set in order to receive your love. You can become a Love Channel, allowing the Unconditional Love of the Creator and the Creation to flow effortlessly through you. Practice it by picking one thing at a time to begin with that you will bestow Unconditional Love upon. When that becomes effortless, add something else, until you can face every situation in your life with Unconditional Love (without judgment or condition).

Fly-away fear

It doesn’t happen overnight, but when you are focusing your energy on Unconditional Love, you have less time and energy to give to the free-loader, fear. When you realize that you don’t have to give into every little nuance of disaster, guilt, worry, or shame that fear tries to influence into your thinking, you will know you have nothing to fear, that you will have the skills and strength to meet every disaster (or ability to get help), no reason to feel guilty for your choices that are made through Unconditional Love, free from worry because you know All is Well, and no shame because you consciously act with the intentions of highest good for all concerned. (this does not mean you allow yourself to be abused or hurt or put in danger – get help when and wherever you need it.)

There’s another saying you may have heard of: fear knocked on the door; Love answered. No one was there.

This means, when you are moving into your day with an attitude of Unconditional Love and a willingness to see through the illusion of fear, you will have more good moments than bad. You will have more good encounters with others, and find yourself experiencing less stress, even in high traffic or long lines.

What is something you fear that you can face with Unconditional Love? As you think about it, focus on that fearful feeling and feel it changing as you flood it with Unconditional Love. You don’t have to understand it or know why it works, but have faith that it does and will work for you. When you face that challenge again that had you wrapped in fear a while ago, you can bless it and release it with gratitude because it was a stepping stone on your Path to a greater sense of Wholeness.

Unconditional Love can transmute your fear into faith and freedom. All you have to do is be willing to let it Flow…



Champion of Compassion

Grace… sweet Grace…

Mercy… tender Mercy…

Together, you merge into the Ultimate Act of Compassion…

Compassion… beautiful and gentle Compassion…

You are the equalizer… harmonizer… sympathizer…

You are the Essence of Unconditional Love in Action…

Let me be a Champion of Compassion…not “a person who has defeated all opponents in a competition or series of competitions, so as to hold first place”* but “a person who has defeated all opponents such as anger, hatred, greed, malice, unforgiveness, jealousy, self-righteousness, fear, slander, judgmentalism, and anything that separates me from the purity of Divine Essence.”**

Let me be a Champion of Compassion… not “a person who fights for or defends any person or cause,”* but “a person who promotes the goodness in others, who brings Light into the darkness of ignorance and fear, dispelling them so that Love’s Light prevails.”**

I am a champion of Compassion,** for I have been blessed by the Grace of God, have received Miracles of Mercy, and bear witness to the manifestation of Faith born of Hope’s unfailing devotion. I am the recipient of Compassion, yet I may fall short of its fullness, though I seek to be a Champion. Let me see equality, justice, wholeness and Unconditional Love everywhere I look, everywhere I hear, everywhere I touch the Sacred Ground of Creation.

Wherever two or more of these are gathered together, there is a Champion of Compassion in the midst of them: Grace, Mercy, Faith, Hope, and Unconditional Love.

So as it is written, so let it be done.

~ bquin

*definition of “champion” from Dictionary . com
**definition of “champion” by bquin


“Keep Calm and Show Compassion” image from www. joannecortes .com

What would you do?

You’ve heard it a million times, so many times, it’s become cliché:

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Have you stopped lately to think about it? What WOULD you do if you KNEW you could NOT fail? Failure is not an option! What would you do if you knew the steps would be unfolded before you as you walk along your Path…

Here are some of the benefits for adopting this frame of mind (knowing you could not fail):

– confidence like never before – no need for timidness and fear, because you rock and you know you rock!

– freedom – your heart and mind are free from fear of failure – if you cannot fail, then you have no worries or concerns about it!

– energized – you move into your day, knowing what to do to make your dreams come true!

– compassionate – with freedom, confidence, and energy come compassion – as you rise above the fear and pain and negative energy, you are compelled to draw others with you! You can see their fear and pain and negative energy and you have compassion for them for you know there is a way out and you are there to help them, too!

– patient and calm – when you know you will not fail, you move forward in your day in an easy and relaxed way, patient and calm, as you allow each element to come together in its own perfect timing!

– faith – that magnificent energy that is the Substance (essence, energy, foundation) of the things you Hope for (your dreams, desires, goals), the very Evidence of things not seen (because you know you cannot fail, and achieving success is just a matter of time).

Can you do it? Will you do it? I challenge you to go forth into one day – any day of your choosing (how about today?) – and live that day as if you KNOW that you know that you KNOW you cannot fail at what you set your mind to do. How would you go through your day? How will you wake up? How will you determine what to wear (a smile is always good)? Will you be considerate of your family as everyone hurries to get ready? Will you show compassion for others as they are struggling to do what they need to do, all the while knowing your own desires are simultaneously unfolding in Divine Order?

Spend some time at the beginning of your Special Day thinking about what you want to accomplish that day. Go through the day with an Attitude of Gratitude and Expectancy.  Be mindful of every experience, every encounter, every opportunity to engage yourself (where you would have walked on by before). At the end of the day, look back and make note of all you accomplished. Did it make a difference, having that confidence, compassion, and calmness of knowing everything was working out in your favor?

Go to sleep thinking about the next day, or tomorrow, and what you will accomplish when you know you cannot fail….

Sweet Dreams…


Sailing into Grace

Dear GodSpirit:

Sometimes it seems as if we want to sail away from our current struggles, when the burden of life feels like it will overwhelm us. It sounds so easy, just point our face in a new, unknown direction, and leave everything else behind.

Of course, we know we can’t do that, and it is during these times that we come to realize that “our current struggles” are simply when we are focusing on a single current or eddy moving within the vast ocean of Your Creation. If we become too preoccupied with trying to control the current or eddy, we will not realize that it is, in its own way, moving us along the surface of Your Ocean. When we struggle against the current or fight the eddy swirling around us, we may become (or feel like we are) submerged, and thus overwhelmed.

But if we can begin to relax and know that our relief comes in going with the flow of the currents and tides of life, we will soon find ourselves carried out of the same experiences that formerly threatened to overtake us.

It is not easy to “let go and let God” – let You – be in charge of our lives, yet we know this is what we must do. You remind us that kites fly highest in the wind that keeps them aloft, the wind in our sails is what propels us forward, air currents allow eagles and other birds to soar apparently without effort high above the landscape, and by turning into the wind, we are better able to steer our ship through the storms of life.

Please help all of us know that our needs are even now being met, and by relying through Faith on Your Providence, our needs continue to be met. Help us be open and receptive to Your Divine Grace – and know that it is through FAITH that Your Grace is revealed! Help us feel the comfort of Your Loving Arms around us now and at all times, and to know that we don’t have to go through this or any journey alone. Help us realize Your Will is being unfolded and we will be able to see Your Grace and Goodness as it flows to us by relaxing and allowing it to happen.

Precious Spirit, Your Will is unfolded in our lives according to Your Time – and we don’t always know or understand how this happens, but when we are able to let go of our need to control outcomes, we are then able to let Your Good Flow to, through, and around us.

“THY WILL BE DONE,” PRECIOUS SPIRIT – Thy Will Be Done. Through Surrender we allow the water to bouy us, the air to lift us, the wind to propel us in the way that we should go. Help us to be open and receptive to all Your Blessings for our lives and to be ever aware of the Blessings currently in our lives.

Help us know we are loved and supported by many concerned friends and loved ones, and that we don’t have to go through our journey alone. Give us the knowledge that we become nothing less in Your Eyes when we allow others to help support us and encourage us – and let us KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that You Care For Us – and that Your Blessings are coming to us right now – help us be open and receptive to Your Ways and Your Will and Your Time, and in the meantime, all we need to do is breathe one breath into the next, take one step into the next, move one day into the next, and be open and receptive to Your Divine Guidance to direct our paths and everything we need will be provided – we don’t have to know how – none of us have to know how – althought we DO really know HOW – by Your Very Own Providence! You are the Way, the Source, the How, and the Why – allow us – to be OPEN to this Divine Heritage You now express.

With Love and the Highest Good for All Concerned, we say Thank You, Precious Spirit, for Your Grace and Goodness – Always.

And So It Is.




(C) Copyright 2011/2015 Barbara Quin