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Hunger for Creative Urge

(preface – not sure if this will be used in current work-in-progress or stand on its own, but felt like posting it here for whatever inspiration it can provide – enjoy!)


     I believe that the Creative Urge to Know God/Creator/Spirit is within every human, existing from the first moment of awareness of existence. It doesn’t have to be some mystical or mysterious thing, yet that’s what it is – evident in a baby’s face as she recognizes those who take care of all her needs, the little boy as his smile beams with pride when he masters his new tricycle or takes the safety wheels off his “big boy” bicycle.

      Children naturally look to their parents or caregivers for that approving feedback and support that tells them they did good, they’re on the right track, that the sun and moon rise and set in their every accomplishment. Is this a naive attitude, out of touch with the realities that there are many babies and children who do not get this positive reinforcement?

      No, but it’s a perception that this is how it should be, and how it is with the “grown-ups” in our relationship with Spirit (God, Creator, etc.). We are constantly seeking approval from other people, but we really want to feel it from God. What we don’t realize is that God already approves of us and all we have to do is acknowledge the Love here for us now, without the need of mortal approval.

      This then takes us to all those accomplishments we think we need to achieve – the status symbols that say we have “arrived” at some destination good enough to verify and certify our value. The truth is that the only real achievements we need be concerned with are those of becoming more aware of our Divinity as Spiritual Beings expressing in a physical component of the Universe. I do not think we are Spiritual Beings have a Human Experience. I believe we are Spiritual Beings. Period. There are many planes and angles of this existence, but that is a different discussion. The fact we are in a “physical” plane really means nothing, except this is where we are experiencing our Spiritual Awareness. This is where our Spiritual “thoughts” are being manifested. We are thinking ourselves into or through our physical existence and experiences.

      Historically, or traditionally, we are conditioned to think there are certain things we are supposed to want in life. Achieving or attaining these things will make us better than before, perhaps even better than the other people around us. This type of thinking is what leads Wall Street, Hollywood, Bollywood, and the headlines telling us what we should do, have, be, think. It tells us what we should eat, how to dress, and what we should look like. If we don’t do all these things and have all these things, then we aren’t good enough.

      The aching within to achieve all these ideals – these “man-made” ideals – leads to abuse of adult and child, over-eating, drug abuse, alcoholism, stress-related illness, disease, depression, and all sorts of conditions or events that prevent us from reaching that First State of Achievement, that state of having enough approval that we feel – finally – good enough.

      This unfulfilled ache – this Spirit Starvation – eventually leads us to a state of surrender. We finally get to the point where we are willing to admit that having more, doing more, and being more, is not enough in and of itself. No matter how many material accomplishments we make, if we are solely focused on the physical aspect of attainment, we will never be able to feed the Spiritual Starvation that is draining our vital energy. The root of every human hunger is the craving to be fed and nourished Spiritually. Traditional religion tells us we are not capable of receiving this nourishment until we admit that we are “sinners” and that we have to be “saved” from the dark terror always trying to lure us away from our Divine Destiny.

      When we get sick and tired enough of being sick and tired of things the way they are, we may then be able to do something to change our experience. Sometimes, this means changing relationships or being changed by them, moving to a new location, changing jobs, finally saying “yes” to that internal yearning. “Yes, I acknowledge You.” “Yes, I will feed You.” “Yes, I hunger only for You.” We have to be willing to surrender to the way things are in order for them to progress, evolve, or develop into what they are to Become.

      Spiritual enlightenment becomes our next “quick fix.” If we can take a class or attend a seminar and get our spiritual body aligned or fixed, then we’ll have satisfaction, right? Forgive everyone, give up all our bad habits, think positive, profess Divine Love for all, and everything will fall into place as it should be.

      But that doesn’t always work, either. At least not right away, and never as fast as we want it to. We still have work to do; we still have to acknowledge that yearning from Within, the beckoning that comes at all hours, that comes still at the end of the day when we say we’ve done all we can and yet we remain hungry. Hungry for more. Hungry for Spirit. Hungry for the Divine.

      Once we are at the bottom of the well and have surrendered all our human will, then we come to know what it means to be fed Spiritually. If we finally set aside our fascination with accomplishing and achieving and acquiring for the sake of it, we start to realize these things have been symbolic all along of the Abundance of Spirit already in our lives. We don’t have to wait until after death to receive the rewards of Spirit we’ve craved since birth. Understanding our connection to the Divine, we can see how every desire of our heart has been the secret seed planted by the Divine, from that Master Gardener so lovingly tending the Garden, giving us all we needed all along. All we have to do is be like the seed: absorb the nutrients of our surroundings and allow the Growth to occur that is instinctive to us. We can take our nourishment from the soil of our experiences, our daily lives with family, friends, jobs, school, and feed it with the rain and sun of God’s Divine Love for us. Soon, we find we have all our heart’s desires being met without the stress and struggle and strain.

      What do we want? We want to remember what it’s like to be Enough. We want to remember that we are Loved, purely and divinely and unconditionally, without reserve and without end. We want to surrender so completely that we become selfless and un-tethered from the chains of mortal limitation. Co-dependent relationships keep us in bondage and don’t allow us to experience the freedom of God’s unconditional love in expression. This does not mean we don’t enter into meaningful relationships with others, marry, have children, maintain close familial and friendly ties. It means by recognizing the possibility of having these relationships without conditions being placed on them, we can thereby also experience a dimension of God’s love otherwise unfathomable. Giving and Receiving become reciprocal parts of one action originally designed to keep us in the Flow of God’s Grace and Favor, in unity and harmony with all life.

      So what does all this have to do with achieving one’s heart’s desires? Why would you want to learn or come to better understand a process designed – at first glance – to achieving more things? How can learning to manifest “things” or “conditions” bring us closer to understanding our Divinity, our Divine Nature, or God?

      Blessings are those gifts from the Divine we often call Miracles. Some call it luck. Others may call it Grace. I think all these things are synonymous, so our reference herein will be all-inclusive in reference of one or the other, just as God is synonymous to Spirit, Divine, Creator, Universal Life Force, etc. Blessings are the manifestation of God’s Grace in our lives. We are all equally deserving of God’s Grace, since we are all the offspring of the Creator, whether you look at Creation and Evolution as the same thing or not (I seem these serving one another, neither better than the other, but Creation being an act of Evolution and Evolution being a creative process that grows through stages as evidenced by all physical life around us).

      We can live our Blessed life now when we allow our Awareness of God’s presence in our lives to be stronger than our awareness of limitations in the human part of our lives. Blessings are revealed when we are ready to perceive – and receive – them. God’s Favor may seem elusive if we believe we are not deserving in some way, or if we begrudge someone else their natural right to their Blessings. Most of us have felt at one time or another slighted when someone else gets “a big break” that we wished we had. We lament that we could have “been somebody” if we’d had all the good luck that so-and-so had, and proclaiming how our accomplishments have fallen short because we just didn’t have Luck on our side.

      Part of being fed by Spirit in a way that gives lasting satisfaction is releasing this kind of thinking and realizing not only are we “enough” as we are, but there is “more than enough” substance in the Universe for everyone to have their share. Someone else having “good luck” or “God’s Favor” is not going to cheat us out of what belongs to us; however, the thing that will block our good from coming to us is an attitude that it is “owed” to us by anyone else, especially God.

(C) Copyright 2015 by Barbara Quin